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A risk free way to more customers

ActiWay is an easy way to more visibility and greater customer volumes, without risks or investments. Using ActiWay, you get efficient marketing channels to approximately 300 000 potential customers. And it costs nothing until you get results.


Easy and secure administration

You create an account in the portal and approve the partner contract then you simply create an ad that is shown to the users.

  1. When checking out, users show their ID.
  2. In the portal checkout, you enter your personal identification number, the amount, and the desired service.
  3. You can for instance view purchase history and accounting records in the portal. Payments are made automatically with your defined time intervals. 10 percent of each purchasing amount is set aside as compensation for mediating the service.

Marketing that gives results

All ActiWay users get information about wellness partners in our network, and your range of wellness services. You also have an opportunity to participate in targeted communication efforts towards specific employers. 350 employers with approximately 300 000 employees are already associated with the product and many have noted that the percentage of people using their wellness grant increases from 30 to more than 90 percent!

Become a wellness partner today!

  • Exposure to approximately 300 000 potential customers
  • No risks or investments
  • Costs nothing until you get results
  • Easy to manage payment system
  • Automatic payments
Become a partner!