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Find the perfect health activity for you

Search for health activities, find something that suits you and pay online – fast and simple! We have everything from massage, yoga and gym – to nutritional consultancy, coaches and online services. In one click, you search among thousands of health activities and fitness facilities.

Find wellness and treatments

1. Search among thousands of health activities and fitness facilities
2. Find what suits you
3. Pay online
4. Use what you bought and improve your health

Now you don’t have to do various searches and read on several web pages – with ActiWay, you can search for health activities and fitness facilities nearby you and get options – all in one search. Our affiliated health providers have their own presentation with information, which means that you can read about different providers, make your choice, and pay directly at

Many of our affiliated health providers offer great discounts to you as an ActiWay user. Create an account and start shopping health activities at a good price today!

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