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Private Healthcare

Employers now have the opportunity to offer employees benefits that make a difference – without troublesome administration! By joining ActiWay’s service for private healthcare, your employees get easy access to a unique selection of healthcare providers. In addition, ActiWay handles all administration and payment structures.

What is considered private healthcare through ActiWay?

All healthcare that is not publically funded is considered private healthcare. Among commonly included services you will find vision treatment, health surveys, naprapathy, and medical pedicure. Private specialists, therapy and physiotherapy are also considered private healthcare.

Private healthcare through ActiWay enables you to give your employees an easy way to pay for private healthcare. The employee can pay in instalments without interest and get offers from our affiliated suppliers.

ActiWay makes it easy

Private healthcare through ActiWay is a digital solution that makes it easy for both employers and employees.

There are many benefits for employers. You no longer have to manage invoices or salary files. You also get access to a comprehensive overview and real-time usage statistics.

Your account at ActiWay is set according to your needs. You decide who get access to the benefit, possibilities for employees to use an instalment plan, and the healthcare services that should be included. This is then regulated in an easy and simple way directly in the system.

Your account on ActiWay is configured from your requirements. You decide who get access to what benefits in your organization, what options your employees have in terms of instalments and the healthcare services that are included. This is then effortlessly regulated directly in the system.

By connecting your organization to private healthcare through ActiWay, your employees get the opportunity to use benefits effortlessly. All they have to do is show their ID at any of our affiliated healthcare providers. In addition, they don’t have to discuss sensitive issues with their boss and can instead anonymously use the healthcare they need. And remember – the employer is neither a creditor nor risk-taker and avoids troublesome administration.