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Frequently asked questions

  • What is private healthcare?
    All healthcare that is not publically funded is considered private healthcare. Among commonly included services you will find vision treatment, health surveys and naprapathy. Private specialists, therapy and physiotherapy are also considered private healthcare.
  • Can employees pay in instalments?
    Yes, you can pay in up to 12 months interest free instalments. If you want to pay over a longer period of time there is added interest after 12 months. Log in to your ActiWay account to read our payment providers’ full terms and conditions
  • Do I have to talk to my boss before I use my benefits?
    No, you don’t have to talk to your boss before making a purchase. If you are approved for the service through ActiWay you are also approved to use private healthcare and don’t have to talk to your boss before making a purchase.
  • At what healthcare providers can I use the private healthcare benefit through ActiWay?
    You can pay for private healthcare with ActiWay affiliated healthcare providers. You can find affiliated suppliers and healthcare providers in the search engine “Find private healthcare” when you are logged in at
  • How do I pay for the healthcare I want to buy?
    You pay by showing your ID-card at the healthcare provider you want to purchase from and say that you want to pay using ActiWay. The provider registers the purchase in the ActiWay checkout and carries out the purchase through our payment provider. You can then choose to pay in instalments for purchases over 1000 SEK. You can also choose to pay for healthcare via Swish. For some providers, there is also an option to pay for healthcare via online payments.
  • Will my boss be notified regarding what kind of healthcare I buy?
    No, your boss is not notified about what healthcare you buy. However, your boss does get overall statistics regarding the healthcare that is bought per organization and department.
  • Are there risks involved for employers?
    Offering private healthcare through ActiWay is risk-free for employers, and you don’t have to administer invoices or salary files.
  • Do employers become creditors?
    No. When you offer private healthcare through ActiWay, you are not considered a creditor. All invoices are managed between our payment provider and the employee buying healthcare while ActiWay handles payments to the healthcare provider.
  • Do employers get statistics regarding usage?
    Yes. Employers gets overall statistics regarding purchased services in real-time and can choose if they want to view information for the entire organization or per department.

Privat sjukvård genom ActiWay

  • Minimal administration
  • Ni slipper vara kreditgivare
  • Delbetalning för medarbetaren utan risk för dig som arbetsgivare