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An easier way to a healthier workplace

Do something good for your employees and the company – offer a wellness allowance through ActiWay. It will be easy, efficient, and safe to both use and administer the allowance. Does it sound interesting?

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The wellness allowance through ActiWay

ActiWay is the market's smoothest system for payments and administration of the wellness allowance.
We know that healthy employees lead to a healthy business. A complex management and an unclear picture of available health benefits often create a situation where few people use their wellness allowance. We want to see more employees taking the chance to have a healthier life. Therefore, we have developed a recipe for success.

How does it work for the employee?

This is how simple it is to use ActiWay

Create account

Simply create user accounts and assign wellness balances in your ActiWay portal that you find at actiway.se.

Find wellness

Employees select activities from among thousands of wellness suppliers in our engine Find Wellness.

Regulated balance

When checking out, the employee shows their ID. The balance is automatically regulated and is visible in the portal interface for the employee.

Benefits for the employee

  • The ID is the only thing needed for using the wellness allowance.
  • Free choice of wellness activity that is easily found in Sweden's largest network of wellness suppliers.
  • Access to a personalized account with inspiration, wellness balance and where wellness can be purchased online – often at a discounted price.
  • Encouraging communication that reminds them of the allowance which leads to an increased useage and to the most important of all – a healthier life.

Benefits for you as an employer

  • No receipt administration – you will pay a small administration fee and receive a single monthly invoice.
  • You will get a good overview of the grant using and you can feel confident that the benefit is used by the right person, for the right amount and for approved wellness activities.
  • You will get more active and healthy employees. Many of our customers have noted that their wellness allowance usage increases from 30 to 90 percent.

ActiWay's full offer to employeers

Do you want to offer something extra for your coworkers?

Buy a bike

Add our buy-a-bike service in the ActiWay portal without any additional cost (*).

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Private Healthcare

Add the private healthcare benefit in the ActiWay portal without any additional cost (*).

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* valid for employeers using ActiWay's Wellness service