An easier way to a healthier workplace - ActiWay

An easier way to a healthier workplace

ActiWay is the smoothest system for payments, administration, and follow-up on activities on the market for wellness allowance. Many of our customers have noted that their usage increases from 30 to 90 percent.

Healthy employees lead to a healthy business. Difficult management and an unclear view of available wellness grants often create a situation where few people actually use their wellness grant. We want to see more employees taking the chance to have a healthier life. That is why we have created our recipe for success for almost ten years.

An easier way to wellness

  1. You simply create your user accounts and wellness balance in your own portal at
  2. Employees find activities from among more than 6 000 wellness partners at Find wellness.
  3. When checking out, the employee shows their ID. The balance is automatically regulated and is visible in the portal interface for all concerned parties.

As an employer, you avoid all administration related to receipts, pay a reduced administration fee, and get one monthly invoice – with specification for individual costs and VAT accounted for. You can then easily follow up on usage in the portal by looking at statistics in real-time. Using ActiWay, you also know that a grant is used by the right person, at the right amount, and for approved activities.

ActiWay activates employees

Using ActiWay you get a more visible and attractive wellness grant, for instance by getting:

  • A mobile friendly search function to find wellness activities
  • Inspiring newsletters and informative content
  • Automatic reminders about using the grant
  • Your own web portal with balance and many more smart features