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About ActiWay

ActiWay is the smoothest system for payment, administration, and follow-up on activities on the market for wellness allowance. Using our model more employees are given the opportunity of a healthy life, enabling them to contribute to a successful organization.

  • We started in 2005 using the name FriskvårdsChecken. Back then, you paid for wellness activities using paper cheques.
  • In 2014, we launched ActiWay. Cheques were made obsolete and were replaced by a system where users showed their ID when paying for their activities. Employees could now for the first time benefit from their wellness allowance without using physical payment methods or web based prepaid services.
  • Employers, employees, and wellness suppliers can view and manage purchases, balances, and invoices/payments in personal, web based accounts that can be used via your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Today, ActiWay has:
    • 20 employees.
    • Approximately 350 customers and over 300 000 users.
    • 8 000 registered wellness suppliers in over 700 places all over Sweden.